COVID-19 Protocol


Perinatal Associates of New Mexico continues to see patients with MINOR modifications to our process.  As maternal-fetal medicine specialists, we always work closely with hospitals, laboratories and a variety of other agencies to care for pregnant patients throughout New Mexico.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are implementing a variety of new policies and procedures to help ensure our ability to care for our patients.


The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) still requires wearing a mask in all health care settings to protect yourself and others. Patients and Visitors are to wear masks during their whole visit to our office.

Per CDC recommendations, masks with valves or vents will not be allowed as it does not prevent the person wearing the mask from transmitting COVID-19.


  •  To protect patients and our staff, PANM is NOW allowing ONE visitor during office visits in all of our locations.
  • The visitor must be >15 years old, be prescreened, wear a mask at all times and contact our office if they test positive for COVID-19 within a week of being present in our office.
  • PANM will continue to allow patients to use FaceTime, Skype or other videoconferencing tools to allow family or friends to join their ultrasound appointments.
  • If you have an appointment at PANM and are turned away at the entrance to a Presbyterian facility, please call our office prior to leaving. We will do our best to assist in getting you to your scheduled PANM appointment.


  • Please note, we have enhanced our office cleaning procedures.  We sanitize our waiting rooms twice daily.  Additionally, we disinfect every patient room, ultrasound bed and all surfaces between each appointment for all of our protection. 

We appreciate your patience during this global health crisis.  We will do our absolute best to care for you and your pregnancy as we have done in New Mexico for 33 years! 

Thank you,

Perinatal Associates of New Mexico

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OUR MISSION: At Perinatal Associates of New Mexico, we provide the finest obstetrical care available to women during their pregnancy, assisting them with any medical complications that arise to ensure the best possible outcome for both mother and baby.