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Perinatal Diabetes Management

Many pregnant women (about 10% of all pregnancies) are diagnosed with gestational diabetes – a condition that occurs when your blood glucose (also called blood sugar) is higher than it should be. Other times, women may have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes before becoming pregnant.

Whichever condition affects you, Perinatal Associates of New Mexico ensures that your diabetes is under control during pregnancy. Our expert care team includes a diabetes specialist that will work with you throughout your pregnancy to help keep your condition regulated and reduce risk to you and your baby.

The goal is simple – healthy mom, healthy baby.


A Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) is much like a Nurse Practitioner, but focuses on directing your diabetes care. The CNS is Board Certified in Advanced Diabetes Management by the American Association of Diabetes Educators and has prescriptive authority to make sure your diabetes needs can be taken care of in one place.


Diabetes Self-Management Education is a proven method of assisting people with diabetes to attain the best control possible. You and your diabetes specialist are a team. Working together, you will gain the tools and knowledge to make living with diabetes easier.

Our areas of emphasis include these key behaviors determined by the American Association of Diabetes Educators:

  • Healthy Eating
  • Being Active
  • Monitoring
  • Taking Medication
  • Problem Solving
  • Healthy Coping
  • Reducing Risks

Being diagnosed with diabetes can be a scary experience, but with the expert care and guidance of your specialist at Perinatal Associates of New Mexico you will gain the knowledge and skills to control your diabetes. You can then truly live your life, not your diabetes.

If it would not have been for Perinatal Associates of New Mexico and for the amazing care provided by all staff here, my son would not have made it into this world! He was a complete surprise and shock to my husband and myself! From not knowing that I was pregnant  to becoming high risk and getting in so quickly and being watched so closely to being able to welcome a new baby into our home would not have been possible without the care and concern of these wonderful people! I cannot express the gratitude in any amount of words that I have for the people at this place! This is a great place and people really do care about you as well as your baby! So friendly and understanding on so many levels! I will forever be grateful for everyone who helped us welcome a beautiful baby boy into this world!

Thomas, Cindy and Angelo, Amazing Care

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OUR MISSION: At Perinatal Associates of New Mexico, we provide the finest obstetrical care available to women during their pregnancy, assisting them with any medical complications that arise to ensure the best possible outcome for both mother and baby.